Business Practitioner – Module 3 of 3

Having learned NLP core skills for influence and New Code NLP for coaching, it’s now time to work with some specific applications of NLP in business. Whatever your title is within the business; sales, negotiation, marketing and leadership will feature either implicitly or explicitly within your role. Your ability to lead defines how far you progress in your organisation, your ability to sell defines not only how much business you can attract but how well you sell your ideas to colleagues and managers. Your ability to negotiate defines not just your ability to get the best deal, it defines your mental strength and personal effectiveness, and your ability to market defines how you communicate abstract messages in different mediums so that people have a tangible experience of relating to what is being said. For some people these skills feature explicitly in their every day work and for others they are more implicit. At whatever level, they will feature in your work as they are fundamental to business success.

This course is the third of 3 modules of the Business NLP Practitioner course. For more details on the full course please visit this link: Click here

You will learn:

  • The neuro linguistic sales model developed by Michael Carroll for optimal selling. This model blends tried and tested sales tools with the highly effective persuasion processes from NLP
  • The art of getting agreement and closing in sales and negotiation
  • Marketing with NLP, using the language from all communication systems and hypnotic style language to send appealing concrete messages that are listened to
  • Developing your leadership style, connecting with your core leadership qualities and raising your own game to be a strong leader
  • Communicating as a leader when giving public speeches, so that your audience is drawn to you
  • NLP communication and persuasion processes for negotiation; getting agreement when there are differences, reading the other side’s non verbal behaviour and adapting how you communicate so the other side cannot read you easily

After this module you will have taken your prior NLP knowledge and combined it with the specific applications of sales, marketing and negotiation with strong leadership, to be highly effective in the many different spheres of business.


We pride ourselves on providing top-quality trainings. The requirements for certification are covered at the start of each course.

We have specially designed the certification process so that you leave the course knowing you have an excellent understanding of NLP, Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence.Whilst we will do everything possible to assist you in meeting our required standards, not every student meets our standards. So when you have our certificate, you know you’ve earned it!

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